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In winter the temperature control of the poultry breeding

A method, the use of the thermometer

Choose without damage and after proofreading thermometer, hang on the north wall of the hen house, in order to avoid direct sunlight and away from the stove, the lower end of the thermometer is slightly higher than the chicken back can. Observe degree in time, can not meet the standard temperature regulating as soon as possible, especially new raise animals winter brood, lack of experience, mainly rely on the thermometer implementation of temperature control.

Second, the chicken at room temperature

Experienced the old door, see the crowd distribution can control temperature, such as chicken group distributed evenly in the whole bed nets, "all over the sky star shaped, broke a leg pull out during the break, the neck is very comfortable and show that temperature; Such as chicken group away from the fire source, close to the north and south wall edge, indicates that the temperature is higher, if mouth panting shows that the temperature is too high; Such as chicken g
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