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Jinlong series of animal husbandry wind machine is my company in absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad on the basis, research and development of the utility model has the advantages of animal husbandry fan, fans of the series with full down, large volume, low noise, energy saving, stable operation, the shutter automatic start closed, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic. The animals shed in the longitudinal and transverse ventilation are suitable for indoor aquaculture is the ideal cooling equipment. The ventilation and fans of the series are widely used in industrial plants, warehouses and other places. Research and development company made of stainless steel material frame, louver, fan pages parts of stainless steel series of wind machine, suitable for moisture, used in the harsh environment of the corrosive gas. Fans of the series sold all over the country, by the majority of users love.



1, fan in the proper use of annual inspection time, long-term disabled need to use, should conduct a comprehensive inspection, to see whether the deformation of blade, connecting parts is loose, rotating components is flexible, wire and skin is damaged or aging.

2, bearing with grease once every year.

3, a fan storage places should be dry, avoid rain, fog, humidity, water immersion motor, to prevent the motor insulation damage and corrosion of metal and long-term parking then should test insulation resistance shall not be less than 2 megohm, if less than 2 megohms drying process must be carried out.

4, find fan vibration, should check the head of the fan blade deformation, impeller and shaft connection whether loose or shaft bending deformation, the bolt is loose.

5, the user in comply with the custody, use, installation, transportation regulations, since the date of delivery of the play within a year, products are damaged or not normal, after identification of the factory manufacturing due to poor, my company free repair or replacement of the new machine.

Stainless steel blade design patent is beautiful and durable, large volume, no deformation, no fracture

The automatic tensioning device, automatically adjust the tension of the belt, ensure the belt does not fall off, not slack

Using high strength reinforced aluminum - magnesium alloy wheel, beautiful and durable

France imported bearings, long service life, low noise

The automatic balance correction instrument, the fan is running smoothly, low noise, increase the service life

A type belt and B belt started picking

JLF(a)Series of exhaust main technical parameters

Type specification

biade diameter

Fan speed rpm

Motor speed rpm

Air volume

Total pressure



Input power


Rated power



JLF(a)-780 710 960 960 23000 75 ≤70 750 380 780 780 420
JLF(a)-830 720 660 1400 22000 60 ≤60 550 380 830 830 400
JLF(a)-900 750 630 1400 28000 65 ≤65 370 380 900 900 400
JLF(a)-1000 900 610 1400 30000 70 ≤70 750 380 1000 1000 400
JLF(a)-1100 1000 600 1400 32500 70 ≤70 750 380 1100 1100 400
JLF(a)-1220 1100 460 1400 38000 73 ≤70 750 380 1220 1220 400
JLF(a)-1380 1250 439 1400 44000 56 ≤70 1100 380 1380 1380 400
JLF(a)-1530 1400 325 1400 55800 60 ≤70 1500 380 1530 1530 400
UP: Direct passing fan
DOWN: The centrifugal fan
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