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Cooling pad

Jinlong series high strength wet curtain

◆The corrugated paper by special treatment, the structure of high strength, corrosion resistance, long service life
◆ It has excellent water permeability, can ensure uniform water pouring through the wet curtain wall
◆The specific spatial structure, provides maximum evaporation surface water and air heat exchange.
◆ The frame has Aluminum Alloy and galvanized board optional.

Product specifications:
(Other special specifications can be customized according to user requirements)

  In most cases, the temperature at 20-25 degrees, humidity in 50-75% is that we want to maintain the plant growth environment in greenhouse. Greenhouse temperature is too high, will cause poor plant growth, quality decline, and even death.

In hot weather, because of heat conduction, heat radiation, the temperature in the greenhouse without cooling measures taken to higher than the outside temperature 10-20, the production activities can not be normal. 

So take effective measures for cooling is achieved in greenhouse production only way of high yield, high efficiency and stable.

The vertical ventilation wet curtain fan "cooling combination is the most economical and effective cooling measures for greenhouse in summer.

For many years away from the application display, even in the hottest day newspaper, rational design of the installation of wet curtain a fan cooling system still can control the temperature in the greenhouse at about 30 DEG C, which will minimise the adverse effects of high temperature on greenhouse.

The principle of wet curtain cooling of the Dragon

Jinlong wet curtain cooling process is performed in the base core in Jinlong paper pad. In the corrugated fiber paper surface with a thin layer of water film, when the outdoor hot air is wind suction machine through the pad of paper, water film on the water will air in the heat absorption and evaporation in the water vapor, so after the cool, moist air into indoor the. The natural process is the wind blowing through the water.The external environment in the air dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature are different in each moment. Dry bulb temperature high wet bulb temperature is low, the weather is hot and wet bulb temperature difference is large, as shown in figure

 The temperature depends on the wet curtain can reduce the air to listen to the wet and dry bulb temperature difference and the efficiency of the wet curtain, product cooling value is the cooling effect, stable operation of the wet curtain is usually constant. It can be seen that in the hot weather, the better effect of the wet curtain cooling, as shown below.

The design of wet curtain cooling greenhouse

  From the heat source of the greenhouse, heat conduction and heat radiation. The heat conduction and heat radiation generated by the thermal load depends on the weather, the greenhouse structure and the shade disposal of the greenhouse. All these lead to rising greenhouse humidity are excluded by wind heat, so the good indoor ventilation volume is the basis for a good pad and fan cooling system.The following is the rated ventilation experience often calculated by the value of the amount of greenhouse ventilation:Calculate the amount of ventilation required, in determining the wet curtain area should be considered in the wet curtain area to consider the appropriate balance between efficiency, resistance and economy of the wet curtain. Wet curtain installation more, the cooling effect is better, the ventilation resistance is smaller, but the investment is higher; and vice versa. According to the experience we had the following recommendations on the selection of curtain wind speed: 100 mm thick wet curtain: 1.2-1.5 M / s.

Basic parameters:

Greenhouse shading rate
The radiation load in the greenhouse
Ventilation volume


Outside the sun radiation intensity: 900w/

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