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Traction type excrement cleaning machine

working principle

The Dragon Series Tractor dung cleaning machine is mainly composed of the host seat, turning wheel, a traction rope, a dung scraping plate and other components, the motor drives the reducer, the chain wheel to rotate a dung scraping plate complete operation of the traction dung cleaning work.

The dung cleaning machine is mainly designed for longitudinal manure removal system for chicken ladder cage and broiler high bed type feedlot, each for 2-4 columns cages or chicken bed guano, scraping manure plate width according to the customer design of the fecal groove size and decide.

Performance characteristics

We use the most advanced GB cycloid reducer, the transmission ratio of the output to ensure rationality.

The motor is directly connected with a reducer type has the advantages of small size, simple operation.

Specially thickened manure cleaning machine scraper to ensure long service life.

The blade is composed of a high precision NC machine tool making, never deformation.

The special transmission chain ultra wear and corrosion resistance, long service life.

Operation application

Control the operator should understand the mechanism, performance and limit switch, check the use reliability of the control system and safety system

Should be at least two times a day desludging

Reducer general every six months with a lubricating oil

Frequently clear the residual chicken manure dung scraping plate on, to extend the service life of equipment

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